Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Masala Bazaar- A Spice Concept Store!!! :)

The Masala Bazaar- A Spice Concept Store!!! :)

“The Masala Bazaar” is a Spice Concept Store to serve all your cooking related needs whether its Spices, Herbs, Supplementary or Gifting!

A Little Idea Behind The Spice Concept Store Called “The Masala Bazaar”!

Indian Spices are very popular and loved around the world for its hot flavors, strong frangrances, variety of textures and health benefits. In India, whole and blended spices are part of everyday cooking. Every culture, caste and society got their own style of making food.

Shopping for spices and choosing fresh quality items for customized recipes becomes hectic for many of the busy women and homemakers. And there we are! To help you and cater you at our
“The Masala Bazaar” concept store to serve all your cooking related needs when its Spices, Herbs and Supplementary. So you can enjoy cooking many more healthy, tasty and interesting recipes for your dear ones. After all homemade food made with love & right ingredients makes perfect cuisine.

At our store, we try to offer a solution for your cooking related queries. We do welcome advises and suggestions to make our products and store even better day by day. :)

We have two popular manufacturing licensed brands in Saphale, called as “
Lakshmi (Laxmi) Masale” and “Saheli Products”. Its been, over 30 years we are proudly catering to thousands of families by offering range of organic, pure and authentic spice blends, fine powders, crispy papads, tasty pickles and many more such products. You may also like our Spiced synthetic vinegars, sauses and spiced oil products. 

'The Masale Bazaar' store has the products of
Laxmi Masale, Edwan (Palghar).

By launching
“The Masala Bazaar” concept spice store we are extending with one more tiny step to add spice, joy and satisfaction to your cooking skills, by providing all kinds of spices, herbs and supplementary products in reasonable rates, assuring quality. We do have a product range from ready paste for marinate to flavored tadaka and seasoning products. We understand your cooking related needs for various products and try to keep it available at our shelf.

We do not promise and promote 'cheapest rates' but we maintain 'quality products at reasonable prices'.

We also offer a range of Spices and herbs' gift sets customized as per your need. These attractive, helpful yet affordable gift sets makes perfect choice for unique gifting.
Homemade delicious and quality products like Laddos, Chakali, Anarase, Puranpoli and chivada are available on order under another of our home products’, ‘
Annapurna’ lable.

Plenty of coupons, discounts and introductory promotional offers are available. Please do visit our Spice store to enjoy shopping for spices (Open since 3rd August'14).

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We awaits your presence! :)


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